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Worried About Your Children During Your Divorce? 

You may be a parent who is going through the process of getting or has gone through a divorce, you might've even ben split up for some time now and are wondering what your kids will turn out like.

I've seen so many people that come in with this concern but don't know how to help them because there isn't enough information available on post-divorce family life! Especially when it comes to your child's specific needs.

That's where my guidance comes into play, as someone who's experienced these things myself first hand I'm here today ready to serve you.

I can tell by looking at most adults attitudes towards children when they enter adulthood whether everything went well during  their childhood years.
The Low Road: 
Fighting It Out In Court

The thought of a divorce can be stressful and overwhelming. You may feel as though your family's happiness is at stake., but it really comes down to what will be best for the kids in this situation.

Divorce brings several types of emotions to the entire family, and the children involved are no different. Feelings of loss, anger, confusion, anxiety, and much more, all may come from this transition. Divorce leaves children feeling overwhelmed and emotionally sensitive.

Most often when parents fight over custody arrangements with their children involved there are two main outcomes. Either both parties get time together or separate periods during which one parent has full involvement; however no matter how much we want them too, sometimes these decisions aren't easy ones because they involve putting our dreams on hold while trying to figure out who gets primary residence- where do I live?

There are so many things to  consider. Are you an available parent? Or are you just trying to get custody? If you're resisting shared custody, ask yourself whether the things that you think make your spouse a weak parent are really all that serious. Are you really concerned about your kids, or are you just trying to control things?

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The What, Why, How, and So What Happens Next?
Many divorcing couples underestimate the impact their divorce will have on their individual relationships with each of their children. Children of divorce experience a wide range of emotions: resentment, loneliness, confusion, fearful, and much more.

How you handle your divorce will dramatically affect how your children react to it. Divorce does have an impact on children, but the type of impact it has on your children is up to you. 
Every divorce is different and there is no one-size-fits-all remedy. But, with love and care, you can make sure your children are as supported as possible through what is likely the most tumultuous time in their young lives.
Leveraging your strengths during divorce or after divorce. Enduring a very stressful situation does not have to turn ugly. It can easily ruin your children's lives.
No matter how overwhelming a divorce can be. Working it out through the fear and getting beyond issues. You can actually look forward to a new life and a new beginning.
Making decisions, getting organized, making a new home for you and your children. Being the best parent you can be during and after the process is not as difficult as you may believe it to be.

A Letter To My Parents


When parents get separated or divorced, it can be an extremely difficult time for children. They may feel sad and rejected because they no longer have a relationship with either parent in the family anymore.

Just as you are riding an emotional roller coster, your children are dealing with feelings that they may never have experienced before. 

You have an opportunity to affect their future in a positive way by how to deal with their feelings during this vulnerable and difficult time.

How you react when your child is feeling down or angry can have a lasting impact on their future emotions. Children will act differently depending on their ages and their unique personalities. While some act out is to be expected and of course some of these behaviors come with the territory at certain ages.

When you begin to see a change of behavior or you begin to see signs of disruptive behavior it is time to intervene.


Will Divorce Affect My Children?


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